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Fiberglass Pools from Glimmerglass


Our pools are of the highest quality possible. We are proud of our reputation and we will not compromise it. Our best reviews come from our customers.


We treat our customers with respect. Our goal is to create satisfied customers. We want people to feel that they have gotten a good deal, been treated with respect, and have had their concerns addressed promptly and courteously. We fully appreciate that good customer relations is the key to our success.


We will deliver what we promise, every time. You will find that everything we offer is just as we described it. There are no hidden costs or misleading claims made.We remember our customers long after their pool is installed

lg-bGlimmerglass Pools & Spas offers gorgeous, structurally sound fiberglass pools for you and your family. The gel coat we apply to our pools is the finest in the industry. It protects the pool and gives it an easy-to-maintain finish that ensures your pool will continue looking attractive for a long time. The exceptional quality of our product is why a fiberglass swimming pool is the best choice for your backyard oasis.

lg-bYour fiberglass swimming pool will provide you and your family with years of healthy fun and priceless memories. You can entertain your guests that come over or simply enjoy and relax the serenity of owning a private pool during your leisure time. Fiberglass pools are also cost-effective . That makes them great for your family.

lg-bWhen it comes to our pools, our priority is in the quality of our product not our marketing. Since 1997 till now, our sales and marketing staff have been our customers, and word of mouth marketing has been responsible for our success. Our success is based on high quality not high volume.

Practically bulletproof can even withstand an earthquake!

No ongoing repair costs.

Fiberglass swimming pools are the most cost-effective.

This statement is often made by our vinyl and gunite competition and we just can’t wait to set the record straight. 

Just like a boat made of wood, fiberglass, steel or even concrete barges, any watertight object (in this case, your pool) can float if there is no water in it, but there is water under it. Scientifically, this is “Water seeking to find its own level” and the principle of “displacement” at work! You may see this when your vinyl pool is drained and your pool isn’t watertight.

However – The reasons to drain a pool in the first place like resurfacing, acid washing to remove algae, or draining to correct a severe out of balance chemical balance don’t apply to fiberglass pools, so there is no real need to drain a fiberglass pool. However, vinyl or gunite pools do need this type of renovation. Because of this required maintenance, the number of gunite and vinyl pools that become dislodged, or “float” are much higher than fiberglass pools.

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Installing such high quality pools is only possible because we’re committed to quality & we absolutely love what we do…


Glimmerglass Pools is founded on craftsmanship that exceeds expectations & every pool we install is truly a work of art.


With 28 Models to Choose from Glimmerglass Pools has the right pool for your Family and Lifestyle.


Our pools are of the highest quality possible. We are proud of our reputation and we will not compromise it. We Offer a Lifetime Structural Guarantee.


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