More Value in 2019

As always we at Glimmerglass Swim Spas and Pools, Inc. offer quality one piece fiberglass swimming pools, with many models to choose from. This season we continue to offer Hayward equipment in our very valuable kit and we are pleased to announce extended warranties on pumps, filters and heaters by Hayward. Get the same quality products for as much as three year’s warranty.
We never skimp on the kit – and here is the proof.
Enjoy browsing all of our many models, this year we have several models with Baja or Sun ledges, great to soak up the sun and a wonderful area for the little ones to play.

2018 Pool Season

I am happy to say Spring is on the way. As you shop around for your swimming pool ask all the companies you are looking at what material they use to backfill your install. We have found through the years we have been in the pool business, that stone is the best. Question the use of stone dust, sand or the dirt that came from the excavation as these materials do not allow for a good install. The correct type of stone stays in place and allows for constant drainage. Call me for more information.

Our hours this season:
Monday and Tuesday 11 am -3pm. Closed on Wednesday. Thursday through Saturday 1pm – 4pm. We make appointments for your convenience and return all calls. Be sure to leave a message. Diane

Fall Hours

Another season is winding down. The pool office is open Tuesday 11am-4pm. Wednesday 11am-2pm, Thursday and Friday 11am-5pm. Always leave a message at 1-877-993-7727 or 518-993-5151 and your call will be returned. Appointments will still be made, we can install your pool until the frost is in the ground.

Keeping your pool crystal clear

It looks like the word for this season is ENZYME. A great and safe way to get rid of buildup caused by lotions, oils and other common pool water contaminants. Fight scum line build up and cloudy water with Super Pacs by Jack’s Magic.

Just one packet treats up to 20,000 gallons of water for 2 weeks. You just put the packet in the skimmer basket and enjoy nice clean water.

Enzymes are natural proteins and can work while you swim. They should be added at least 6 hours after super chlorinating or shocking the pool at opening. Heavy doses of chlorine reduce enzyme effectiveness. Help stop oils building up in your filter so you backwash less.
Go online to to order.

2017 Season

Happy Spring – I have new hours for this season:
Tuesday 11 am – 4pm
Wednesday 11 am-2pm
Thursday and Friday 11am-5pm
Saturday 1pm-4pm
and closed on Sunday
I do make appointments.
We are carrying all models of Dolphin Industries LLC from Egg Harbor, New Jersey. Dolphin is our mold maker and this season we are having them build our pools and taking advantage of their creativity with many models to choose from. All models are on our website.


We have a new model available from our expert mold maker in Egg Harbor, New Jersey. He has added the most recent innovation in pools, the Sun Ledge as part of a 12′ x 30′ fiberglass unit.
The Beach Cove is 4’6″ deep with a spacious 6’4″ x 12″ sun ledge in standard white for $16,950.00. Add our sparkling color for 8% more. Nice.

Think Spring, think a Glimmerglass pool

I am just returning from a sun filled vacation in San Antonio ,Texas. A destination I would recommend. The weather was sunny every day and now it is time for our Great Northeast to slide into Spring.
Makes me think “Pool Time” and this season we have 26 models to offer. Ten manufactured in Fort Plain, New York and the rest shipped from our mold builder in Egg Harbor ,New Jersey.
Check out our revamped web site
and view all the models.


Adding a shed to your pool scape can give you that office space, studio space or just extra space you need while enjoying your pool and home.  Glimmerglass has sheds that can be customized to your tastes. Ask for information.

100 % Financing

We work with AMS Financing to get you 100% financing. Geared to the individual homeowner and their needs. Check out the service on our pool pages. Find the pool you want and click on financing.