Change is good

Glimmerglass has moved its main manufacturing to New Jersey under the supervision of our mold maker. We will contunue to manufacture and tile in Fort Plain but by shifting to New Jersey we will expand our pool line by 13 new models.

Now we can get you that big, flat bottomed pool or a pool that has the shape you seek or the depth you wanted.

All of our pools are built on clean, blemish free molds and are of the highest quality. All pools will be built in standard white or one of the new lovely colors.

Glimmerglass is lucky to have the same crew this year to build our pools and the new models will be shown as quickly as we can update our web site…But in the meantime when you request a brochure the new pools will be part of that package.


Value of our kits equals the Quality of our Pools

Glimmerglass pool kits include the following : Pentair pump, Pentair sand filter, an automatic chlorinator, maintenance kit, timer, vacuum head and pole, free Pool Guard pool alarm, winter plugs and super gizmo (for your skimmer), solar cover and winter cover with water bags. We do not skimp on the quality or the value of the equipment you get with your pool.

Glimmerglass fiberglass pools

Glimmerglass pools have been manufactured in Fort Plain, New York since 2001. Our quality fiberglass pools are small to medium when measured in the pool world. Our largest pool, the Atlantic, is 15′x34′ and the deep end is 6’6″.  All of our pools are non-diving.
There are many reasons to get a fiberglass pool including a short installation time and very few maintenance requirements. You’ll be swimming sooner in one of our pools and spend more time in the water than keeping the water clean. The gelcoat finish limits the growth of algae making it easy to sanitize the water.
We offer the newest colors and each Glimmerglass pool can be customized with waterline tile and built in mosaics.

What’s important?

An in ground fiberglass swimming pool is a big and long term investment. So what are the important questions?
What is the warranty? The warranty should be available and clear. Glimmerglass Swim Spas and Pools, Inc. offers a lifetime warranty on the structure of the pool. It will not break or leak for the time you, the owner, have the pool. Our warranty is based on proper installation.
We do not warranty the surface or Gel coat finish of the pool. Why? Usage can not be determined as every owner is different. Glimmerglass will say that the finish is very durable, you can let your dog swim in one of our pools and not worry about damage to the surface. UV rays have their way with all pool finishes and over time fading occurs. The fading is gradual and can be curtailed by waxing the exposed pool surface with car wax when opening and again when closing the pool. If a company is warranteeing a surface on a fiberglass pool, find out exactly what it covers.
There are not a lot of fiberglass manufacturers around but we all adhere to certain standards, and we all use the same materials from the same few companies.
Osmotic blistering is becoming a thing of the past because we are all using Vinyl ester resin as a water barrier.
It is the vinyl ester that is the determining factor in this barrier, not any fillers that may be added.
Another common question that needs to be addressed is the weight of a pool.
Is heavy better?
Glimmerglass pools are basically under a ton in weight. A fiberglass pool should be constructed in a uniform thickness but does not need to be extra heavy. Strength is not determined by the weight but the flexibility of the fiberglass vessel.
Flexibility must be part of the structure to withstand the pressure of the earth and the movement of thawing and freezing.
And you should ask yourself if you feel that the company you choose will remember you when the final payment is made?Your long term investment should come with a ready answer to any of your questions and concerns once you have your pool up and running. We at Glimmerglass are proud of our good customer relations and our status as an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau.
Always contact the Better Business Bureau for any company you are considering.