Know the rules: Website for pool owners

Visit the New York State Department of State Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations to learn all the rules to having a safe and fun swimming pool.  A fence is mandatory as is a pool alarm.  When pool alarms became mandatory Glimmerglass added the Pool Guard Pool Alarm to the kit.  This pool Guard alarm is an accepted alarm.

Installation is Key to a Happy Pool

A fiberglass pool is durable, easy to keep clean and lasts a lifetime if it is installed properly.  The backfill material and the backfilling process are key to a great install, one that won’t haunt you later.  Always check the Better Business Bureau with the name of any company you shop with and always ask the question “What material will be used for backfilling the pool?”  The answer should never be the dirt from the excavated pool site (no matter what the dirt composition is).  Gravel is the optimum material and insures a pool you can enjoy for years to come.


Why Choose a Glimmerglass Fiberglass Pool?

Fiberglass pools are durable, vinyl liners rip and degrade and gunite pools need to be resurfaced in the chemical environment of pool water. Fiberglass is impervious to pool chemicals and does not lose the smooth surface that is so easy to keep clean. The surface of a fiberglass pool is non porous, algae can not
bond to the sides, it can not be ripped by pets swimming. Both vinyl liner pools and gunite pools are textured which allows algae to adhere to the surface and cause you to use more chemicals during the season to keep your
pool clean. Vinyl liner pools can be punctured and torn so no pets swimming. The gunite pool can become
rough and scrape knees and feet.
Installation time is 2-3 weeks for a vinyl liner pool and many months for a gunite pool. A one piece fiberglass pool can be installed in one day with careful preparation of the site.
Glimmerglass fiberglass pools are high quality and we back our product with customer service. We remember you even after the pool is installed because we want you to have a great time every year with your pool.

Clean Pools

This time of year, as you open your pool you may find cloudy or brown water. It is now necessary to shock the pool with a large dose of chlorine. You know the drill, but if there are stains please don’t consider emptying your pool of water and scrubbing the pool. That is not necessary. Use a product by Jack’s Magic called the Blue Stuff to safely get rid of those stains without the hassle of emptying the pool and scrubbing.