Time to Shop

The pool is open and the weather is cooperating so let’s checkout the market place to add to the poolscape.

My favorite go to stain remover Jack’s Magic now has Power Blue.  No scale, no scum line, no dirty filters. Power Blue is the new line of high performance products. www.jacksmagic.com.  Filter backwash cleaner for sand filters.  Instant Cartridge and DE filter cleaner (No need to soak over night! Spray on, hose off.)  It is safe and effective and can even get the grease off your BBQ.  Waterline and tile cleaner, UV Outdoor cover protectant (Restores original luster and shine while providing UV Protection for spa covers, slides, outdoor patio furniture,fiberglass.

Pleatco has introduced the “Filter flosser; the ultimate filter cartridge cleaning tool.  Extends filter life;saves energy and time.  Use it along with Jack’s Magic Power Blue Cartridge filter cleaner. www.pleatco.com

www.poolboyproducts.com Check out  the remote control Powered Reel System for your solar cover.

And stop tripping over the vacuum hose, get Fence hooks: Aluminum.easy to install, no tools, 2 lengths, 3 color choices (White, tan or black).  See them at www.mideproducts.com.



Enjoy the water Safely

Keep your kids safe this season by always following a few rules:

Teach your kids how to swim.    Pay attention to them when they are in the pool.  Don’t rely on flotation devices, they can deflate putting kids at risk.    Don’t consume alcohol while children are in the pool.  Put all toys away when the kids are done in the pool so that they are not tempted to go back in the water when you are not watching

We at Glimmerglass Swim Spas and Pools want your family to enjoy many seasons of pool ownership and in that vein we put a Pool Guard Pool Alarm in each kit we sell.  This pool alarm is required by state law and retails for $300.00.  The alarm is placed pool side when the day’s swimming is done and will warn you if there is someone in the water that shouldn’t be there.


Pool owners

As you see we have a winner of the robot cleaner.  It was great to regain contact with our pool owners and in a couple of cases rectify small problems.  Let’s keep in touch and always send photos, we do love to see your backyards finished to suit your lifestyles.

Talk to you soon,


Water Delivery

I have a list of companies in New York State that are delivering pool water.

Baldwinsville, Dan’s Pool & Well Water Service 315-638-1194
Brockport, Sceusa Ross E & Mary,  585-637-6805
Cato, Dudley Water Supply, (315) 626-6519
Clayton, Mellon And Daye, (315) 686-5711

Clinton, Schaller Pool Water, Serving Central New York / Clinton (315) 337-7284

Dansville, Tri Sons Trucking, 585-335-5100
Fredonia, Heil Transport  716-672-6815

Fredonia, H2O 2U (716) 673-5906

Galway. Hill Street Pools, 518-883-4419

Barts Water Trucking, Hannibal (315) 564-5628
Schaller Pool Water, Herkimer 315-337-7284 (Serving Central NY)

Aquasource Group, Honeoye 585-229-2500

Launt Water, Honeoye 585-229-5988

Bills Pool Water, Hudson Falls (518) 361-3877

Adams Pool Water, Johnsonville (518) 753-6644
H20 Joe, Livonia 585-739-3236

Manchester Contracting, Manchester 607-732-9853
Dudley Water Service, Meridian 315-626-6519

Malley Trucking, Montgomery (845) 457-3429

Willys Water, Ovid 607-532-9354

Sugar Shack Jacks, Parish (315) 298-3731

Gunga-Din, Red Hook, 518-537-3582

Woolson Water, Pulaski (315) 298-3731
TCS Spring Water LLC, Rhinebeck (845) 876-6159
Eggan Environmental, Rome (800) 527-6040

Dandy Dan Water Service, Sterling (315) 947-5469
Hinman Water, Vernon (315) 829-5555 (Spring Water For Pools, Heated, Treated, Potable)
Village Of Webster, Webster 585-265-3770
Long Island/Hamptons, Schenks 631-324-0142  (pool water, 8.5K gal cap. tanker)

I have a list from other states, call me.


Teach a child to swim

Aquatics at an early age allows children to have fun in your pool and be safe as well. It’s very important that younger children feel comfortable in the water while learning safety rules. Parents can help their babies learn to feel at ease in the water and by the time children are age 2 they can begin to learn the basics of swimming. Learning to swim could one day save a life. Take advantage of lessons at schools, YMCA’s and Red Cross sponsored programs. And always be there when your children are in the pool.