Time to Soak up some Warmth in a Spa

We have two unique hot tubs at our shop. Both are manufactured by Canada’s premier hot tub company, Arctic Spa.
One is an 8′ spa in Mayan Copper (beautiful) and the other is a 7′ model in a granite finish called Kalihari. Our prices are rock bottom. Let me know if you want specifics and please check out the website
to learn about the quality of these units.

Let’s discuss water treatment when the water temperature is raised as it is in a hot tub.

Spas are relatively small bodies of water, generally around 500 gallons of hot water vigorously circulated and shooting out of many air-blowing jets. Hot tubs are not miniature pools, the most obvious difference is the water temperature and how the human body responds to that raised temperature. Pores open and oils and sweat are released thereby creating more bather waste in a small volume of water.
Chlorine reacts differently in heated water and the concentration of disinfection by-products changes.
Water balance is also affected by heat as is the rate of evaporation.
The action of the jets, called aeration, or turbulence also adds to the bather load (waste) and can also cause foaming.
According to one estimate, two people in a hot tub equals 80 in a typical swimming pool.
Bottom line, follow spa manufacturer’s recommendations and you and your hot tub will be happy and well balanced.

Here comes Spring

Welcome everyone, those who already have a pool, soon it will be time to open it up. And welcome to those starting to look for the perfect pool for their lifestyle. In the upcoming blogs we will catch up with what’s new and exciting in the Glimmerglass pool world. Looking forward to re-connecting and to the sunshine, I’ve missed both.