Energy efficiency

Most of us are aware of the need to save energy, resources and money.  A variable speed pump is the best way to achieve savings and enjoy your backyard retreat.

Call about an upgrade or getting your new pool with a pump upgrade.


Angels of America’s Fallen

The National Swimming Pool Foundation has given a $10,000.00 grant to Angels of America’s Fallen, a nonprofit organization that helps children of fallen military and first responders.  Through its Step-Into-Swim campaign, the grant will enroll at least 22 children across the United States.  The cost of program registration and gear, such as goggles and swimwear, will be covered for the children.

The NSPF launched the Step into Swim campaign in 2012, with the hopes of creating one million new swimmers in 10 years.

Increase the Quality of your filter

Jack’s Magic, my favorite company for getting rid of stains in your pool, is introducing The Filter Fiber Stuff used as a top coat in your sand filter or cartridge filter to enhance their performance.

Filter Fiber Stuff is cellulose filter media which filters to 2 microns and is NSF 50 certified.  It is safe, biodegradable and non-toxic.