Spring 2016

Glimmerglass Swim Spas and Pools, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of 16 new models. We will be building ten different pools here in Fort Plain,NY and are offering models manufactured by our mold builder and partner, Dolphin Industries,LLC in Egg Harbor, New Jersey. Keep watching our evolving website for the new models and contact me if you want a brochure mailed. Diane

Energy efficiency

Most of us are aware of the need to save energy, resources and money.  A variable speed pump is the best way to achieve savings and enjoy your backyard retreat.

Call about an upgrade or getting your new pool with a pump upgrade.


Angels of America’s Fallen

The National Swimming Pool Foundation has given a $10,000.00 grant to Angels of America’s Fallen, a nonprofit organization that helps children of fallen military and first responders.  Through its Step-Into-Swim campaign, the grant will enroll at least 22 children across the United States.  The cost of program registration and gear, such as goggles and swimwear, will be covered for the children.

The NSPF launched the Step into Swim campaign in 2012, with the hopes of creating one million new swimmers in 10 years.

Increase the Quality of your filter

Jack’s Magic, my favorite company for getting rid of stains in your pool, is introducing The Filter Fiber Stuff used as a top coat in your sand filter or cartridge filter to enhance their performance.

Filter Fiber Stuff is cellulose filter media which filters to 2 microns and is NSF 50 certified.  It is safe, biodegradable and non-toxic.


Salt for your Pool

Using salt to create chlorine is the job of the Salt Chlorine Generator.  There is no such thing as a salt pool.  The table salt used is turned into chlorine, chlorine is still the best sanitizer you can use for a swimming pool.

Salt chlorine makes your pool water feel soft but the chlorine it creates sometimes needs the addition of regular chlorine to get the balance right.  And not all the salt is turned into chlorine and can cause corrosion.  And remember, if you can smell chlorine, especially in an outdoor pool, you are not practicing proper water chemistry.

With every salt chlorine generator I add to one of our pools i include a Zinc Sacrificial Anode to prevent metal erosion, heater damage and cement corrosion.  Now you can enjoy your salt chlorine pool and not worry about corrosion.


Automatic pool cleaners

I am often asked if I have a recommendation as to brand or model of automatic pool cleaners.   Not really, but what you need to look for is a model that actually climbs the walls and does the steps.

If the brand claims to be ideal for fiberglass pools, call the company and ask what it is that the machine does that makes it ideal for fiberglass.


List of Bulk water providers New York State

Need your pool filled? I have a list of suppliers in New York State.
Aquarius Water Delivery Jamestown,NY 1-888-730-1251
Dan’s Pool & Well Water, Baldwinsville 315-638-1194
Dudley Water Supply,Cato 315-626-6519
Mellon and Daye, Clayton 315-686-5711
Shaller Pool Water 315-337-7284 Herkimer
Tri Sons Trucking, Dansville 585-335-5100
Heil Transport, Fredonia 716-672-6815
H2O 2U, Fredonia 716-673-5906
Hill Street Pools, Galway 518-883-4419
Barts Water Trucking, Hannibal 315-564-5628
Aquasource Group, Honeoye 585-229-2500
Launt Water, Honeoye 585-229-5988
Bill’s Pool Water, Hudson Falls 518-361-3877
Adams Pools Water, Johnsonville 518-753-6644
H2O Joe, Livonia 585-739-3236
Manchester Contracting, Manchester 607-732-9853
Malley Trucking,Montgomery 845-457-3429
Willy’s Water, Ovid 607-532-9354
Sugar Shack Jacks, Parish 315-298-3731
Gunga-Din, Red Hook 518-537-3582
Woolson Water, Pulaski 315-298-3731
TCS Spring Water LLC, Rhinebeck 845-876-6159
Eggan Environmental, Rome 800-527-6040
Dandy Dan Water Service, Sterling 315-947-5469
Hinman Water, Vernon 315-829-5555
Village of Webster, Webster 585-265-3770
Long Island/Hamptons, Schenks 631-324-0142