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Fiberglass Pools from Glimmerglass

Glimmerglass offers 28 models of one-piece fiberglass swimming pools.

All of our pools will come out of New Jersey.
Our mold maker at Dolphin Industries will be making all of our pools.

Please begin by selecting a category of in-ground fiberglass pool below."

Some customers ask us if Fiberglass pools "pop or float" out of the ground?

A: This statement is often made by our vinyl and gunite competition and we just can't wait to set the record straight.

Just like a boat made of wood, fiberglass, steel or even concrete barges, any watertight object (in this case, your pool) can float if there is no water in it, but there is water under it. Scientifically, this is "Water seeking to find its own level" and the principle of "displacement" at work! You may see this when your vinyl pool is drained and your pool isn't watertight.

However - The reasons to drain a pool in the first place like resurfacing, acid washing to remove algae, or draining to correct a severe out of balance chemical balance don't apply to fiberglass pools, so there is no real need to drain a fiberglass pool. However, vinyl or gunite pools do need this type of renovation. Because of this required maintenance, the number of gunite and vinyl pools that become dislodged, or "float" are much higher than fiberglass pools.

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