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This season is getting a late start, the weather has not been co-operating.   So the good part of that is

there is still time to get that perfect pool and swim this summer in your own backyard.    Glimmerglass

has 31 models to choose from.

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Get a Grill on Us

Referral Program

 Dear Glimmerglass Customer,

This season we are asking our customers to send us contacts for people you know that are looking for a pool.

If your referral results in a sale of a new Glimmerglass Pool we will give you a Meadow Creek Patio Grill.

This charcoal grill is ideal for cooking up a few burgers or steaks and some sides on the patio. This grill is a $700.00 value and if you go to the website for Meadow Creek you can see the grill and the upgrades available.

As always we appreciate you and wish you happy 2019 pool season.

Glimmerglass Swim Spas and Pools, Inc.


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More Value in 2019

As always we at Glimmerglass Swim Spas and Pools, Inc. offer quality one piece fiberglass swimming pools, with many models to choose from. This season we continue to offer Hayward equipment in our very valuable kit and we are pleased to announce extended warranties on pumps, filters and heaters by Hayward. Get the same quality products for as much as three year’s warranty.

We never skimp on the kit – and here is the proof.
Enjoy browsing all of our many models, this year we have several models with Baja or Sun ledges, great to soak up the sun and a wonderful area for the little ones to play.

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Keeping your pool crystal clear

It looks like the word for this season is ENZYME. A great and safe way to get rid of buildup caused by lotions, oils and other common pool water contaminants. Fight scum line build up and cloudy water with Super Pacs by Jack’s Magic.

Just one packet treats up to 20,000 gallons of water for 2 weeks. You just put the packet in the skimmer basket and enjoy nice clean water.

Enzymes are natural proteins and can work while you swim. They should be added at least 6 hours after super chlorinating or shocking the pool at opening. Heavy doses of chlorine reduce enzyme effectiveness. Help stop oils building up in your filter so you backwash less.
Go online to jacksmagic.com to order.

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100% Financing

We work with AMS Financing to get you 100% financing. Geared to the individual homeowner and their needs. Check out the service on our pool pages. Find the pool you want and click on financing.