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Pool kits include pump and filter, 2 return jets, 2 bottom suctions, automatic time clock, basic connecting piping (flexible PVC), winter cover and bags, solar cover, mandatory pool alarm and an automatic chlorinator. Maintenance package included.

~ Gas heater   ~ LED Lights  
~ Salt Generator   ~ Handrails  
~ Custom Safety Covers  
~ Fastlane Swim Current Machine  
~ After Factory Waterline Tile Installation Price available  

About Installation

Pool kits can be installed by homeowner or local contractor using the provided installation instructions. Technical support from Glimmerglass is always available.

In areas not serviced by Glimmerglass, we offer pools as kits to the homeowner.

Sting Ray III

Kit: $17,500
NYS Assisted Install: $20,350
Made by: Dolphin Industries
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